A broad perspective

F15® Graduate programme

The Arla F15® Graduate Programme is flexible to match the individual yet structured to ensure that you are exposed to a versatile picture of Arla Foods as a company and workplace. The programme consists of three job rotations of eight months each.

If you are interested in applying for an F15 Graduate position and be part of the F15 Programme, please apply via this link. For more information, read below or engage with some of our current graduates at our blog www.futurefifteen.com.

During the F15® Graduate Programme, you will find yourself in three jobs within different business groups and functional areas. You enter at least one international position in one of Arla's subsidiaries e.g. in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, UK, Germany, Poland, Argentina, USA, China or Dubai.

Also, at least one of your positions will be at Arla's headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark. Although you have a master’s degree within a specific field e.g. finance, technology or marketing, we will challenge you to assume a position within a different field to make you gain a broad experience of Arla before you set your mind on a specific career.

Team trainings accelerate your development

The F15® Graduate Programme begins in September with a thorough introduction course to the various fundamentals of the Arla value chain - what we call ‘From Cow to Consumer’.
During the Graduate Programme you will attend team trainings with your F15 colleagues. Arla designs the team trainings targeted to you and closely linked to your role in the organisation. The training enhances your performance and people skills to boost your professional and personal development within business strategy, organisational understanding, project management and leadership competence.
To anchor your new skills, you will conduct two team projects with your F15® colleagues, one of which will be on innovation. These projects are an add-ons to your job and you will involve and report to stakeholders from across Arla.

Arla Future15 intro programme

Performance reviews to keep you on track

During and at the end of each rotation, your host manager will evaluate your performance and behaviour in the current position: Did you reach the objectives and how? This input will inspire you to work with your Personal Development Plan and bring focus to your strengths and areas for improvement.

Arla Talents as your personal sponsor

Throughout the F15® Graduate Programme, you will be coached by a personal sponsor from our Talent Acceleration Programme (Senior Managers and Directors) who will guide you on your Personal Development Plan and help you build strong networks with colleagues and decision makers.

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